Hi I’m Beverley – founder of Barefoot Bodeez Art!

Here’s just a little bit of how it all started.  

Being absolutely hopeless at art at school I never thought I had any creativity in me whatsoever until a few years ago.  Buying my first iPad seemed to unleash something when I started playing around on a children’s art app.  At the time I didn’t even realise it was for children so you can tell the level of my art from that!  That led on to a sketching pad and from then on I was hooked.  Now most of my designs are created on my iPad – my mobile art studio that goes everywhere with me just in case!

My life long love for yoga and beach life has been a major influence but I am always experimenting with new ideas which never seem to stop.  Chibi style art has become a favourite for me as I just think the characters are so cute.


I went on to designing my own websites which I also love doing.  You may like to visit which is yoga based (and has links some cool yoga art products) and my other one – which speaks for itself!  

I hope you enjoy looking at my sites and that the artwork brings a lightness to your day as that is the intent!


Image of Om girl praying on yoga mat by Barefoot Bodeez Art
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